Home Staging

What is Home Staging?

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Home staging is the art of merchandising a home for sale so that the property appeals to the largest number of potential buyers.  STAGING involves accentuating the positive architectural features, opening up spaces, neutralizing colors, and making a home comfortable by making it simple and clutter-free.  Staging is providing a vision to the buyer of what life would look like in your home.

As a seller, you have but ONE CHANCE to make a GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION on a buyer.  Let buyer’s envision themselves living in your home.  IMAGE MATTERS when marketing your home against competing properties in the area.  Don’t let the cost of home staging deter you from merchandising your home as you are saving money in the long run –  The cost of one price reduction on your home will be greater than the costs of a professionally staged home.

It goes without saying that one of our most requested services is HOME STAGING.  As a trained and certified professional home stager and color consultant, Sandy Riedal has assisted many clients in realizing the greatest potential out of their home, and she would love to do the same for you!   Contact Sandy and let her help you prepare your home for a competitive real estate market.  It’s really much more affordable then you would think!

In the image below, which photo would a buyer connect with when walking through the front door of this home?  The AFTER photo (on the right) is the same room, simply re-designed with the homeowner’s own furnishings to create an inviting and memorable first impression.

Master Bedroom

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