Internet Search Sites

What national “Internet Search Sites” don’t want you to know!

Sifting through the internet and looking at countless homes can become a daunting task, because often times the information is either overwhelming, outdated, inaccurate, or the property has already been sold.  Not all properties for sale are listed through the various “internet search sites.”  A study reported by the Washington Post found an astonishing 30% inaccuracy rate among the top national “internet search sites.”  The only way to ensure that you have FULL ACCESS to the COMPLETE real estate market is through a local real estate agent and the Multiple Listing Service.  This website puts those tools in your hands!

By simply gaining just a few details of your home preferences and requirements,  you have access to a comprehensive list of all available homes that match your search criteria.  You will also receive subsequent emails for any future property that later comes to the market which meets your search preferences.  Simply click “Email Alert”  to setup your personal Automatic Home Alert notification system.  It’s really just that easy!